Shrimp Conditioners & Supplements

Borneowild MINEROCK
~Reduces Stress and Improves Water Quality.

MINEROCK is a rare natural mineral found only in Japan. It releases mineral gradually and improves water quality, can be used as a 'scaping rock', as well as encourages activation and growth of bacteria in the water. It reduces stress on livestock and encourages proper molting and breeding. It also improves photosynthesis, semiconductor action, mildly increases GH/PH and ion exchange ratio.

Borneowild MINERAX
~Reduces Stress and Improves Water Quality.

MINERAX is a natural mineral that improves water quality, as well as encourages activation and growth of bacteria in the water. Reduces stress as well as prevents sickness on shrimps and livestock. MINERAX can also be used as slow releasing base substrate mineral supplement in a shrimp or planted aquarium.

Borneowild GH UP

~Increases GH Safely. Removes Chlorine.

GH UP is a mixture of balanced calcium and magnesium salts, natural zeolite and chlorine neutralizing agent designed to safely increase GH of water in a shrimp tank. It does not affect KH. A white haze may appear when added but will clear up within 30 minutes.
Borneowild HUMIC
~Buffers PH & GH Safely. Promotes Breeding & Survival Rate.
BORNEOWILD HUMIC is an organic, granulated humus conditioner that buffers water at pH 6 - 6.5 and gH 3-4. It is ideal for improving activities, survival ratio and higher success rate of breeding in bee shrimps. It also serves as a source of nutrients for microbes, thus maintaining high and healthy levels of soil life. With its hormonal characteristics, plant growth and root development are also enhanced.
- Use HUMIC when you are setting up a new tank, observes juvenile shrimp dying or when the population growth is stagnant.
- When setting up a new shrimp tank, sprinkle them below or above the substrate layer, or put them in a mesh bag in the filter.
- When setting up a new planted tank, sprinkle HUMIC below the base of the substrate layer with the fertilizers or put them in a mesh bag in the filter.
- To apply HUMIC above the substrate layer, please soak them in water for up to 15minutes as they may float due to its dryness.

- For Shrimp tank, use 30g / 60x30cm tank.
- For Planted/Shrimp tank, use 60g / 60x30cm tank.
- Last for up to six month

Borneowild WHITE
~Promotes White Stripes and Thicker Shell

WHITE is a supplement of various minerals, vitamin and micronutrients for shrimps that promotes healthy white stripes, general color development and thickening on outer shell. Recommended to be used from young for proper development.

Borneowild CRIMSON
~Enhances Redness and Thickens Shell.

CRIMSON enhances the redness of bee shrimps in a clear and striking fashion. GH and TDS are raised mildly when added.

Composition: Spirulina, Montmorillonite, minerals.

Borneowild VITAL
~Activates Enzymes and Improves Luster.

VITAL is a unique proprietary blend of essential vitamins and supplements which is essential for healthy growth of fishes and shrimps. It activates enzymes in living organisms, reduces stress and also improves luster of scale and shell.

Borneowild VIGOR
~Promotes Growth, Colour and Moulting.

VIGOR is a mixture of enzyme and chitosan which maintains water quality, promotes growth, coloration and molting of juvenile and adult shrimps. You can observe that shrimps stop dying during unsuccessful molting. Vigor also helps in boosting plant growth in a planted tank.
Borneowild SHIELD
~Boosts Immune System, De-Toxifies Water, Prevents Diseases and Reducing Death Rates while Improving Shrimps' Health and Mortality.  

SHIELD is a natural product that enhances growth, immunity and anti-disease ability, lowers death rate, and even control white spot when used with fishes. It absorbs toxin and waste such as HNO2, NH3/4, NO3, H2S, assimilate organic waste into micro-organism food, thus creating a balanced environment in high bio-load tank.

Observation: Shrimps will appear in a slight feeding frenzy digging around for the undissolved particles of Shield. You can observe that shrimps become much more active and have better appetite.

Composition: Beneficial microbes, beta-glucan, vitamin b group and mineral, amino acids, carotenoid, enzyme, Ginseng/PSB extract, Ginger, colostrum, Mannan Oligosaccharides.

Shrimp Breeding Aid

Borneowild DANCE
DANCE is a highly concentrated Chitin-based additive made from 100% natural material that promotes breeding, moulting and growth in crystal shrimps. Use when observed slowing growth or decreasing breeding rate.

Use 1 drop for 40L, 2 drops for 80L and 3 drops for 160L tank.

*Watch them 'Dance'!